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I am Trish Causey: performing artist, creative artist, activist, radio show host, magazine publisher, and teacher.  Below are a few of my projects that I have created.  Look for a newly updated website soon.  Until then, connect with me using the social media links to the right, and check out my artistic and activist endeavors below.


On Facebook one day in December 2014, I said I would do a video every day in 2015 in an effort to be more positive and talk about the things that matter to me as an artist, an activist, and as a human being. So far, I've kept my word. Hopefully, I can keep it up!


The Trish Causey Band is as eclectic as I am.  I sing Broadway showtunes, American standards, Irish music, jazz, and anything else that strikes my fancy -- though not usually all in one gig.  For sound samples, visit


Based on my popular radio show, Musical Theatre Talk with Trish Causey, MTmag is my tribute to the greatest of all American artforms - Musical Theatre.  Featuring Tony Award winners and Broadway stars, MTmag offers in depth articles, behind-the-scenes looks, voice training info, and career advice on "making it" in the business of Musical Theatre, both in New York and around the world.  If you love Musical Theatre, get MTmag. 

SEASONS 1 & 2: $49.99

Musical Theatre Magazine -


Arts, Activism, Awakening in Mind, Body, & Spirit.  Based on my work as an ArtistActivist for women and women's issues, ArousedWoman is my site for speaking out on women's rights, women's issues, and helping women awaken and heal, as well as help men recover from ingrained patriarchy.  Because society still shames women's bodies and women's sexuality, includes awakening training plus AW Magazine, AW Blog, and AW Radio.

ArousedWoman - Activism for
                                      Woman Rights & Women's Issues

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