Trish Causey has been a human rights activist since she was 13, when she regularly stood up for her Jewish friend who was harassed on a daily basis at their Catholic school. As an adult, Trish has been active in raising social awareness on a number of issues, including women’s rights, American Indian rights, protection of the First Amendment, support for local fire departments, protection of non-Christians from discrimination in public schools and on public property, to name a few.

In 2001, Trish traveled to South Dakota for the first meeting of the Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition, after two years of correspondence with American Indian activists via online groups.

In 2004, Trish started Gathering Grove Productions with the mission of “Working for Human Rights Through the Arts”. She had just begun rehearsals of a 2005 workshop production of her musical WITCHCRAZE, when the Mississippi Gulf Coast was struck head-on by Hurricane Katrina.

In 2005, Trish was hired by the ACLU of Mississippi on a six-month grant to observe the political climate after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast and to ensure that all people had access to government during the initial phase of recovery.

In 2006, Trish directed and produced a production of VAGINA MONOLOGUES, raising $5,000 for the Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence, whose residency dorms and legal buildings were destroyed due to Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, Trish openly confronted local mayors and city councils in regard to the treatment of the firefighters and the administration of the fire departments. What is good for firefighters is good for the citizens. What is bad for firefighters is most definitely bad for citizens.

In 2012, Trish took her activism for women’s issues and her own personal journey of healing from sexual assault and created ArousedWoman. “Arouse” means to stir to action, to awaken. This led to a very popular blog that covered sexual topics for women and, much to Trish’s surprise, for men, as well.

In 2013, ArousedWoman transitioned into a radio show of the same name, covering all things arts, activism, and awakening. (Trish will return to broadcasting when she starts hosting interviews via her YouTube in the Fall of 2017).

In 2014, Trish ran for Congress as a progressive, liberal, socialist, feminist, bisexual, pagan, single mom in Mississippi. In the primary, she earned 44.6% of the votes, but lost the Democratic nomination. Mississippi needs change desperately, but apparently, Mississippi wasn’t ready for that much change.

2015 and 2016 saw Trish speaking out on a variety of issues close to home, particularly the squandering of $1.9 billion from the state education fund to be given to private corporations as well as the unconstitutional HB1523 that criminalized pre-marital sex and homosexual sex while also legalizing discrimination of LGBT, women, unmarried persons, and single moms.

Late 2016, Trish created a new show based on the conversations she had with women and their experiences of discrimination in the workplace, sexual assault, domestic violence, “Black Lives Matter”, lesbian and trans discrimination, and the inequality within feminism. This workshop, “The Woman’s Card Cabaret”, became “The Nasty Woman Cabaret” and will be available for licensing soon.

In 2017, it is still incredibly important for women and men to speak up for women’s rights as an extension of human rights. Here is Trish Causey’s speech from the sister Women’s March in Gulfport, MS, in January 2017.