Fitness: How to Do a Plank & Day 4 of 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge

2015-08-21 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge How to Do a Plank & Day 4 Plank (1 minute) 2Day 4 of the 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge!

Today, I spent some time during my daily video series to give detailed info on how to do a plank, the various kinds of planks, as well as how not to fall out of a plank position. Then, I did my plank for the day — all 1 minute and 1 second of it!

I had biked several miles earlier to go to the grocery story, carrying the groceries in the backpack on my back, and yes, that is definitely a workout — especially considering I was biking along Highway 90 at 5 p.m. rush hour.

After the video, I did one, very slow, very mindful round of Surya Namaskara. I love getting back into yoga, but what I thought might happen is actually happening — the stiffness in my shoulder (likely, scar tissue) does not want to budge. In the process of getting back into yoga and doing planks every day, I’m feeling the scar tissue getting knocked loose, and it does not feel good. So I did not do my two rounds as I said I would. But I listened to my body, and that’s all I can do to avoid re-injuring my shoulder.

If you’ve missed the first few posts, find them in the category link of the 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge.

I’m staying present and paying attention to where I am. And that’s just fine. After all, tomorrow is another day. πŸ™‚