My Journey to Multiple Orgasms, Part 1

As a radio personality, I love talking about subjects that mean a lot to me. As a woman, one of the most important topics is female sexuality — a women’s inherent right to be sexually satisfied.  I was able to bring the two together when I interviewed Jack Johnston, discoverer of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol.  Listen to the replay.

Unfortunately, numerous studies prove that women are still not getting the orgasms we deserve. Between 70-75% of women have never orgasmed during sex.  (I am one of those women.)

I firmly believe that a woman is 100% responsible for her own orgasms when she is with a partner. And the best way to learn how your body responds is by experimentation — ALONE.  This is crucial if you have been in a long relationship, just got out of a long relationship, have had kids, or perhaps just got the kids off to college and you find yourself with more time to focus on your self.  This alone time is also very beneficial if you are still in recovery from sexual abuse.

I found KSMO in 2006, but dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina quickly put my practice on hold.  In 2010, I left my asshole marriage and became a single mom, so all of my attention became focused on keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table.

I came back to KSMO in August 2011 — when I realized that I could finally breathe and do something for myself, attending to my sensual and sexual needs that had been dormant for years (see aforementioned asshole marriage).  The timing must have been right because I had wonderful immediate, sometimes startlingly amazing results achieving multiple orgasms every time I had sex using less stimulation…  I’m proud to say I’m a Recovering Vibratoraholic.  My sex life is much more “hands on” nowadays.

Having studied Tantra and Kundalini, chakra work and reiki, Buddhism and Hinduism, KSMO seemed to be the “boiled down/concentrated” version of these other more complex systems.  But KSMO is deceptive in its simplicity.  As a practice, you do have to practice — only a few times per week.  One adept likened KSMO to a bamboo plant that will grow beneath the surface for a while then suddenly burst forth.  KSMO is very much like that — it can take months of practice with seemingly no orgasmic progress, then suddenly your body is re-wired, re-energized, and you are changed.

Aside from the delicious multiple orgasms, KSMO brings on heartgasms, deskgasms, laughingasms.  You’ll feel energy flowing through you; your hands and legs will buzz; and you will see the world differently.  You may also find yourself dealing with long repressed emotions and memories.  These “furballs” are common for KSMO practitioners to deal with.  For those who are still dealing with sexual trauma, touching the genitals is NOT required to achieve orgasm through KSMO practice.

And while I’ve had my personal issues with a few male members on the Forum and had to address the topic of male jealousy of female orgasms, I don’t discount the value of the KSMO Forum or Jack’s work.  So listen to the program, and if you get it (I hope you do!), tell Jack you heard about it from Lava, KSMO’s resident Orgasm Goddess. 🙂


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