OpEd: Bernie's Supporters Childishly Claim They Won't Vote for Hillary in November

OpEd: Bernie Sanders' Supporters Childishly Claim They Won't Vote for Hillary Clinton in NovemberAn increasing number of my pro-Bernie Sanders’ friends are posting Facebook updates and memes about not voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election in November. I guess they prefer to act like temperamental 4-year-olds, take their toys, and vote Independent — or they threaten to skip voting all together. For some reason, this is preferable to pooling our progressive, liberal, diversity-loving votes to ensure that Trump or Cruz or some other GOP scumbag does not win the White House.

The problem here is the major two-party system that creates a forced-choice vote for many of us. No one candidate is going to be perfect in every way to suit our expectations and needs. Each of us must make concessions, choosing the candidate (or the party) that fulfills more of our individual requirements than not. Personally, I despise the two-party system for this very reason, but currently, we are at a disadvantage.

There are several political parties that work for various human rights, civil rights, and social and environmental issues. Then there is one party that works for white, science-denying, women-hating, LGBT-discriminating, delusional, so-called Christians. With the progressives, liberals, independents, and other free-thinkers split amongst several parties with similar social and environmental platforms, the GOP automatically looms over us as the largest and most powerful political party in the United States, with a solid base who votes as they are told.

This is another problem: Republicans vote. No matter what.

Democrats suffer from horrible apathy at the voting booth when they don’t like single issues or when their armchair activism of complaining on social media has lost its ennui. Voting Independent or another party in the 2016 Presidential election will split the progressive votes and practically guarantee a win for the GOP. Frankly, there aren’t enough foreign countries willing to accept American refugees seeking a new homeland if “President Trump” or “President Cruz” becomes a nightmarish reality.

Until the power and money of the Republican Party dies out in the next 30 years and takes their old tunnel vision with them to the grave, no one political party can surpass the Democratic Party in sufficient numbers to weaken the GOP’s money-is-speech and America-was-founded-by-Jesus crackpottery.

We are stuck with an imperfect, forced-choice two-party system. For now.

So, suck it up, buttercup, and vote Democrat in November. No matter what.


3 Replies to “OpEd: Bernie's Supporters Childishly Claim They Won't Vote for Hillary in November”

  1. To begin with I think this unacceptable as people have a choice as to who they will vote for. Name calling, bullying and belittling people is going to get you nowhere real fast. To insinuate that Bernie supporters are children?
    The DNC better be thinking as more and more of Sanders’ supporter’s will not vote Clinton, and a President Trump is very likely. When considering each state that has participated in this democratic primary to date, and matching up the same states in the 08 primary with Obama, Sanders is ahead of Obama’s pledged delegates by nearly 100.
    The super delegates have no vote unless needed at the convention in the event neither candidate has the amount needed to secure the nomination.
    Lastly, Senator Sanders is the only candidate that has consistent polls showing he would win against any GOP nominee.
    Is it more important that the corrupt business as usual continues for the DNC, or the thought of losing the White House to the GOP? Speaks volumes doesn’t it? #Factcheck

  2. Trish, there is indeed much truth in what you are saying here. I am in fact leaning towards Bernie in the primary (although the California primary doesn’t happen until June, so theoretically it could well be over more-or-less at that point. I find that irritating). Pro-Bernie as I am, if Hillary takes the primary, than I will indeed vote for her in the general election.

    There inevitably comes a point where the need to be pragmatic is in our best interests. Granted, I’m not as vehemently anti-Hillary as a growing number of my Bernie-supporting friends. I don’t have any warm-and-fuzzy feelings towards her by any stretch, and in fact there are things that greatly concern me (her hawkish tendencies in particular), but all-in-all, ultimately I think she’s capable of doing the job.

    The alternatives I see some people touting, such as voting for Bernie as a write-in candidate, or voting for, say, the Green party candidate, or not voting at all will only prove to be an exercise (or non-exercise?) in futility. I get the whole “voting-for-my-principles” argument, but I think these people need to clearly understand that as a practical matter the general election may not be the time to shoot yourself in the foot in order to make a point about principles. It surprises me that some otherwise conscientious, intelligent people can’t seem to anticipate the “Ralph Nader Spoiler Effect”, voting for clearly non-viable candidates over the viable one in the general election, and potentially handing the presidency over to one of those GOP maniacs in the process.

    If people are truly serious about voting their principles, they should consider actually going to the polls during the midterms next time they roll around.. Congress recently scored a 17% approval rating, and yet somehow the same idiots keep getting voted back in. The progressives just don’t show up. Many of the problems we currently face directly stem from Republican Obstructionism as a result of progressives repeatedly not showing up when it really counted.

    Best to ya,


  3. Ok Trish I read it and I disagree with you in part. While I agree that the GOP sucks for far more reasons than you posted I must say if you think the two party system is a disadvantage why be a slave to it? This is a highly controversial election. Cruz wants war Trump wants… Well what day is it? Clinton is a piece of shit in my opinion and Bernie well he’s just a thief who condones extortion and armed robbery in my Liberty loving opinion.

    You say you want a change? Let’s all put our money where our mouths are and vote for a third party. Libertarian, Green, independent hell Communist Party USA for all I care but it will make a statement that we are tired of the bullshit.