Study in Nudes, 2017 – RED

This “Study in Nudes” — or as I like to call it: SIN — is a personal journey toward body acceptance. After years of ridicule over my body and skin as well as numerous assaults because of my breasts, I’ve come to love my body — even with all the flaws. Society says my body should be a Size 6 and my breasts should be high and perky — well, that’s just not happening.

While I feel a bit “Prufrock’ed” with these photos, I did not edit anything out; though, I did crop a few to get the lamps out of the pics. I wanted to focus on the parts of me that have been shamed so much. Over the past five years, I have really learned to love my breasts and see them as part of me, which I never did before I started my Tantra training and Tantrik PTSD healing process.

As I work on losing inches in a healthy manner — to get back to a size and weight that are right for me, I can look on these photos with a certain amount of happiness and lots and lots of body positivity.

The NIGHT photos were taken one night in June 2017, with two small 15-watt lamps. The DAY photos were taken across several mornings in June/July 2017 and were originally posted as cropped versions on Instagram and SnapChat. Camera was my LG Stylo. There was no prep, no make-up, no hair styling. (Duh.)

VIEWING: Click on any photo to open the lightbox. From there, click the little “X” at the bottom to open up to Full Screen, click “i” at the bottom to display the info on each picture.