After spending several years writing about her sexual awakening and healing from sexual trauma, Trish Causey brings it all together in “Made for Sex”.

What started as a guest essay for a friend’s book became a foothold into a deeper truth for Trish — the need to embrace her right to be sexual and enjoy orgasm without the lingering shame of being molested as a child and raped at 21, among other sexual assault experiences. Add to this shame, a staunch religious upbringing in the American South by a mother who was a post-Southern-Baptist-evangelical-turned-zealous-Roman-Catholic-convert, and you have all the ingredients of sexual repression you could ever imagine. Being a large-breasted, fair-skinned ginger certainly didn’t help as voluptuous redheads have been stereotyped as lusty nymphomaniacs for centuries.

Through a steady, mindful Tantrik practice (and NO vibrators!), Trish has been able to fully awaken her body to unimaginably powerful and beautiful sensual, sexual pleasure. She has been able to heal many of the emotional pains she has endured — pain that led to PTSD and self-shame, a binge eating disorder, and non-consciously gaining weight to shield herself from being attacked further.

The Tantrik mantras of “allowing” and being “non-judgmental” were crucial in integrating her naturally uninhibited sexuality with her physical body and, in particular, learning to love her breasts (which were the target for many of the assaults in her life). As part of this body positivity journey (and to fight the sexism of social media), Trish posted a series of semi-nude photos called “Study in Nudes, 2017”.

MADE FOR SEX is a collection of essays and poems and other artistic expressions that are a stream of consciousness into awakening, healing, and body acceptance.

Due out in Spring 2018.